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As a key knowledge institute in the field of semiconductors and photonics in the Netherlands, TU/e is committed to attract talent in these domains to Eindhoven and the Brainport region. With the vision of enhancing collaboration, TU/e is leading the organization of the Future Chips Academy, together with academic and industrial partners from the Netherlands and South-Korea.

The main organizers are High Tech Systems Center (TU/e), ASML and ASM. The main partners are NXP, IMEC from The Netherlands. Internationally, the academic partners from three top universities in South-Korea (KAIST, SKKU, UNIST) will participate in this event.

About the main partners: ASML, IMEC, ASM, NXP

ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. They provide chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography. ASML enables groundbreaking technology to solve some of society’s toughest challenges. Together with their partners, they provide leading patterning solutions that drive the advancement of microchips.
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Imec is the world’s leading independent nanoelectronics R&D hub. Their combination of talent, infrastructure, and partner network enables breakthroughs towards microchips that are smaller, faster, more affordable, and more sustainable. Imec combines that nanotech expertise with data and AI to create and support applications for a smarter, better future.
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ASM supplies wafer processing equipment to the leading semiconductor manufacturers, mostly for the deposition of thin films. They design, manufacture, sell, and service deposition tools to supply our customers with the advanced technologies to produce semiconductor devices, or integrated circuits (ICs).
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NXP Semiconductors N.V. enables a smarter, safer and more sustainable world through innovation. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets.
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International academic partners
Established in 1971, KAIST is the first and top science and technology university in Korea. KAIST has been the gateway to advanced science and technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and our graduates have been key players behind Korea’ innovations. KAIST will continue to pursue advances in science and technology as well as the economic development of Korea and beyond. KAIST’s main campus is located in Daejeon, 160 km south of Seoul, the capital city of Korea where its College of Business is located. Daejeon, with a population of approximately 1.5 million, serves as a hub of science and innovation in Korea with more than 200 research institutes, including the R&D facilities from the public and private sectors.
Located in the heart of Korea’s largest industrial city, Ulsan, South Korea, UNIST has truly become one of the world’s leading science and technology universities since its opening in 2009. UNIST aims to be ranked within the top 10 science and technology universities by 2030. UNIST has its vision to cultivate creative global leaders who will usher in new scientific paradigms through convergence in science and technology,
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is a national university with 625 years of glorious history and shining tradition and is a representative symbol of a leading university which leads the new era. At the same time, the university has led the development of higher education in Korea by challenging and innovating with a mind for sharing and coexistence. We strive to newly form our own brand worthy of our name which actively embraces global social issues through pioneering of global management. Its Natural Science Campus located in the city of Suwon, the home of the key Korean semiconductor industry, SKKU has been trying to serve as a hub to strengthen the industrial-educational ecosystem.