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Hotel & Venues

Hotel Marienhage

Hotel Mariënhage is a boutique hotel located in the DOMUSDELA complex, right in the heart of the dynamic design city of Eindhoven. It is an oasis of a hotel, located in the monumental building of the Order of St. Augustine, where the former Mariënhage monastery once stood. It is a place where history comes to life and Eindhoven is embraced as a city of design, technology, and knowledge.

Hotel Mariënhage
Kanaalstraat 4
5611 CT Eindhoven
Telephone: +31 40 311 14 44

Day 1 – Kazerne

Kazerne creates a vibrant, welcoming and inspiring hospitably environment in the heart of design city Eindhoven, where as many people as possible can experience how design adds value to the world in which we live. Kazerne is situated in a monumental barracks building dating back to 1825 and neighbouring warehouse that was built exactly one hundred years later for the municipal cleaning department. The 2,600 square metres of heritage complex has been transformed into a unique combination of meeting spaces, exhibition and hospitality. Kazerne offers designers a museum-like springboard, a welcoming and committed podium that wants to explore the ‘zeitgeist’ through exhibitions, connecting and in-depth activities

Paradijslaan 2-8
5611 KN Eindhoven

Day 2 – Evoluon

Next Nature is a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, they are the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future – in which biology and technology are fusing. Their headquarters is the iconic Evoluon Spaceship in Eindhoven.

Next Nature is an organisation that aims to raise awareness about the impact of technology on our lives and the planet. Through exhibitions, educational and business programs, Next Nature makes possible futures tangible for a wide audience.

Noord Brabantlaan 1a
5652 LA Eindhoven

Day 3 – De Hoorn

Anyone who enters De Hoorn immediately dons the new look of the old brewery. Dating back to the early 18th century, Stella was produced here – the magnificent copper kettles are still on view today. Only now De Hoorn is a playground of creative activity and fluid life, of authenticity fermenting and fresh ideas continuously streaming trough. Not to mention: fresh beers. De Hoorn: the vibrant brew of our new era.

De Hoorn
Sluisstraat 79
3000 Leuven